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19 October 2008 @ 08:21 pm
-CLOSING ON 24TH OCT- Suju, DBSK, Shinhwa Tees! Open to Singapore buyers only. Pre-order  
Hi,this is my first time getting these shirts too. So, I have no idea what the real product will look like.

Because I wanted to get some others stuffs and have problems with the payment, I can only pay for when I get my allowance next month. I am still accepting orders provided that you can pay by 3 Nov.

Those who ordered the previous time, I have send in orders and will be making payment tomorrow.

Tees are priced at $19 and $17. Prices are revised!! Sorry but I just received the quotation from my agent and the shipping costs are more what than I expected!

For the suju tees! I am sorry for the small picture!
Those tees with models are $17 each. Those without at $19 each.

For the $19 Tees

Designed by Max

For the $17 tees

Shinhwa tees

To order, Email me at aki283@hotmail.com

Item name:

Item name:

Total cost:

And I will reply you with my payment details. Thx.

What do you think about these?. Please feedback to me. thx.